Unexplained phenomena - World mysteries

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When the sunlight falls and the sun hiding behind the red light, then the children of the night come out and live among us

Vampires ultimately there are not in life. After the sunset out of the coffins and blood are in the hunt? This page is dedicated to the legend of the creatures of the night. Born the imagination? The first case was heard at the time of the lord of Transylvania, the Dracula, known for the execution of prisoners of war. In the course heard of vampire attacks in Europe. Many books were written and many movies were filmed on this legend. But that legend was born? For Dracula know that drinking the blood of the captive, but not from the throat as we usually see on the screen of cinema, but from a glass. How was this attitude of the vampire to drink the blood of victims from their necks? The answer is one. . . nobody knows! Stories are heard from time to time, for people who perished in the evenings, for which corpses were smothered in blood. Testimonials inhabitants in the forests of Transylvania Dracula lives that is between them. Born of the imagination the Gulf tourist will say, but how to explain that these people locked in their homes after sunset? Is there something finally and we have not discovered yet? The story circulating today is that vampires exist and live among us as normal people. Are the stores, probably the world means bars, in which collected. So you can tell them, because their teeth grow only when they are in need of food. A girl, Athena, we described an experience of such claims m'ena vampire. 'It was Saturday night and everyone came out to a bar with my friends. Finding a bar, my eye was a bar which I had seen for the first time (in the city left). We decided to go. loud music, low lighting. We tried to order drinks but the bartender told us that only serve wine. So all we got a glass of red wine. The wine had a strange but sweet. We faithfully in some people from the bar and started dancing. At some point I wanted to rest and told the child to dance together that I will be at the bar. He smiled and I did sense that I agreed. Dazed by the strange wine drinking a glass of water requested, but the bartender told me that there is. Then I realized that something was wrong. Suddenly his eyes changed bartender, were red and asked me if hungry. Got scared and voices. I came to look me in the faith my friends, but no longer. They lost. Then my gaze fell again in the bartender, whose teeth have grown up as a vampire. At that time ran to the exit and a taxi to return home. The next day I tried to find the man, but my parents said that they were looking and had not come back since yesterday evening. They explained what happened and the police went to the bar we were yesterday. Surprisingly, we found the closed and the police told us it closed 10 years! If you believe the story of Athena or not is irrelevant. What we have is that when we told the story, etreme whole. Finally there are vampires? Creatures of the night as the call, move among us?
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