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Upper Right Back Pain, mouse effect

Upper Right Back Pain, Pain Under and Between Your Shoulder Blades

hese pains are symptoms, (upper right back pain, pain under shoulder blades pain between shoulder blades), which left untended can cause lost nights of sleep and the sensation of shortness of breath, or the feeling that an anxiety attack is around the corner. Upper right back pain in particular can usually be attributed to one of these key postural strains:

Side Sleeping Posture (usually ON that side, but doesn't have to be)

Improper ergonomic setup at the computer-usually a right handed 'mouser' has their mouse too far forward or to the side (KEY cause of upper right back pain!)

Driving with that arm for long periods of time
Holding a child in that arm
Holding a book in that arm
Horse back riding.

Essentially, all of these will require you to hold your arm in one position for long periods of time, and cause a strain to the muscles in the part of the shoulder, while they stabilize your arm. Upper right back pain can usually be pinpointed to a segment of the trapezius muscle. Frequently the pain between or under the shoulder blade can be linked to the strained and congested fibers of the lower trapezius, which attaches to the scapula.
Usually an individual's first tendency is to want to stretch the muscle which is aching or sore. This can alleviate it sometimes for a short time, but frequently long term relief can be found by releasing the pressure pulling those muscles and your arm forward. We find with our clients, the muscles most involved with straining this group in the upper back are the pectoralis muscles. I know, it sounds counter back is hurting, but you are asking me to stretch my chest?? Yes, that's exactly what will alleviate much of the issues with upper back and neck tension. Stretch for Upper Right Back Pain Upper right back pain is frequently caused by a chronic postural strain over is a 'stretching strain'.

If we are on the computer, holding munchkins, writing or driving a ton (anyone who doesn't do one of those for several hours a day, raise your hand...) then the likelihood is that we can't maintain perfect, upright posture. If we are pulling our shoulders forward, after some time, our chest muscles will shorten, and because of the way they attach to our shoulder blade (scapula), upper arm bone (humerus), and collarbone (clavicle), it will strain the muscles in our upper back causing upper right back pain, pain under shoulder blades, between shoulder blades, and even up into the neck sometimes causing chronic headaches.

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