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Upper Back Pain Exercise

Upper Back Pain Exercise

Upper back pain exercise is designed to help you to remove your pain. Yet it is the most often miss-used technique. The statistics point out that the majority of people, actually 75% of people, will end up in worse pain or make no change at all. This is after an entire year of trying to remove pain.

Read on to find out which are the best exercises to use, so you can avoid the common mistakes people make. You will also learn a simple technique to use now that can start easing your pain.

There is one word of WARNING!

Upper back pain is not your only worry. One of the main reasons why people fail to relieve pain is that they believe that their upper back is the only area of concern.

Your spine works as an entire system. When you walk your arms and legs move. The same with your spine, your lower back can cause upper back pain, and your upper back can cause lower back pain.

To get long lasting relief you must check your entire spine, find the distortion patterns that are causing your pain. You must use these same diagnostic tests to monitor your progress, so you only stop using upper back pain exercise when ALL the causes have gone, not just your pain.

But first...

Which is the best upper back pain exercise

upper back pain exercise The best exercise is one that works, it is as simple as that.

The problem is, the one that is best for you is not necessarily best for someone else. This is why you must find the distortion patterns first so you know which is best to use for your situation.

However, upper back pain exercise must cover a few essentials. You need to use some exercises to release muscle tension, others to build strength and you need exercises to get joints moving well.

There are two types of exercise - corrective and maintenance.

The corrective upper back pain exercise will help to remove your pain. To do this it must cover all parts of your problem. You need an exercise that covers muscles and joints.There is a problem.

There is no such exercise. There is no one exercise that will achieve this. Exercise can ease pain, but you need a step-by-step approach to remove ALL the causes of your pain. This method must combine various techniques to make sure all areas are back in balance.

Otherwise pain will return.

Maintenance exercise is there to help maintain a healthy spine and to continually build resistance. This takes the form of fitness-based exercise.

For your upper back you need exercise that uses your muscles and joints in the area. General exercise such as swimming is ideal, as it uses all the major muscles in your upper back without overloading the joints.

Upper back pain exercise is best used in this area, rather than the corrective. The reason is simple, the upper back is an area that is hard to target with exercise, without the exercise aggravating other factors causing your pain.

There is one simple exercise that can help ease your pain now.

A simple upper back pain exercise to ease pain

The following exercise will help reduce tension in your upper back, for most people. Depending on the type of distortion patterns you have, this exercise may ease pain; in some you may feel this uncomfortable. If so, please stop and you do need to look at the patterns that are causing your pain.

All you need to do though is stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold your arms out wide and slowly turn as far as you can in one direction.

This means turn until you feel a pulling sensation somewhere in your upper back. Stop when you feel this sensation and wait for 2 seconds. Then slowly turn in the opposite direction, again until you feel the pulling sensation.

Keep turning each side for a few minutes. You will notice you can turn further and further each time and pain will ease.

If you notice that this causes a cramping sensation, or pain is aggravated, or you can't feel a pulling sensation, then you need to look further into your problem.

Upper back pain exercise will help, but you do need to detect those patterns to identify the actual cause. Otherwise pain will remain.

The biggest mistake & how to avoid it

The biggest mistake made in trying to relieve upper back pain, is simple. Actually there are two mistakes.

Too many people try to relieve pain without knowing what their cause is. Again, this is not how you sit, lift or bend. It is the distortion patterns in your spine that cause muscles and joints to tire, tighten and create pain. Without knowing where the problem is you are shooting on the dark, hoping to find relief.

The second mistake is part of the first. Again, too may people stop using upper back pain exercise and other corrective technique when pain stops. When pain stops, this doesn't mean all the causes have gone. It only means they have decreased in severity.

You need to use diagnostic tests to find the causes and to monitor your progress to only stop using techniques when the patterns have gone. This way

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