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Traviata opera by verdi

In Traviata recount the sad story of a young courtesan who sacrificed for the salvation of the beloved.

Traviata written originally in the form of novels, it was play, then opera and 20th century inspired significant interpretations in film and gave impetus to write other plays and ballets. The author of Traviata, Giuseppe Verdi, after Il Trovatore wanted to switch to a more realistic subject matter, not inspired by great biblical and historical themes . He wanted music to a story bold, modern era, to deepen the characters of heroes and thus released from the restrictive traditions of Italian Opera. The proper question presented when he read the lady with the camellia son of Alexander Duma, a novel published in 1848 and diaskefastike to play by the same author a year later to present the 1852 ultimately Vontvil theater in Paris. The story of the Lady with camellia stems from two main sources. First, from the novel of Prevost «Manon Lesko» often used as a reference point having a relationship with the history of Margkerit Gkotie. The Manon, the Woman Inevitably, he created one of the most powerful female models in the literature of the 19th century and inspired the authors of the Carmen and Margkerit. The theme is common: a man from a woman mageftike likely to lead to disaster . Only Margkerit however, is committed anidiotelos in love and becomes a symbol of sacrifice. Secondly, the fact that the lady with the camellia is an autobiographical novel which has adopted several elements of the relationship of the Duma with a famous courtesan of the time, Marion Ntyplessi. The Duma met Marion in 1844 when it was the lover of zaploutou crown Stackelberg. Their relationship was tumultuous and unhappy. The Duma could not be afforded the luxury to which he was accustomed, and thus does not deny other lovers. Maria suffered from tuberculosis. It was thin, pale, melancholy and large black eyes: the personification of the romantic heroine. The certainty that death is approaching the katetroge - like the Verthero - and so did eklyti and exhaustive life. Many dances, plenty of alcohol, dinner until dawn, love together. Maria was a demi-mondaine , and in spite of humble origin, could entertain, organize elegant receptions and offers a smart company. However, history of the partners remain the same at all times: as the geisha, the more likely it is that if he lived longer, would the poor and decadent, perhaps a common prostitute. After her death auctioned luxury items to pay its debts to its creditors. The news of the Lady with the camellia initiated his interest in Verdi with limpretista of Francesco Maria Piave, a Frenchwoman named Margkerit Gkotie at Violet Valerie. The Violet is a lesson from the excesses that we find in the novel - for example the language sexy - create a profile that fits more with the perceptions of romantic opera. The premiere of the opera took place in 1853 at Phoenix Theater (La Fenice) Venice where censorship was more favorable. Nevertheless, issues such as illness, prostitution, promiscuity and Gambling, will tempt the common era. Thus, the composer of the proposal to increase the performance with modern costumes and scenery contradicted by the Venetian authorities. The dramaturgy years moved to the Paris principles of the 18th century, a century earlier that the intention of Verdi. The premiere is not successful, which the composer had planned, as they were very unhappy with the choice of singers. The Violet, according to what Verdi had be new, with nice silhouette and sing with passion. The Fany Salvini - Ntonateli had signed a contract with the Phoenix Theater, was overweight and was not so convincing in the role of fragile Violettas. The Varese hated the role of father because he believed it was less reputation and Lountoviko Gkratsiani sing without passion the love Alfredo. It is no coincidence that a year later before the same public, Traviata played with great success in the theater Gkallo, with different rates and with small changes, but a genius in music. The biggest innovation in Traviata is the fact that it relies on stereotypes. The feelings of the person playing the primary role and the characters evolve during the plot, building a psychological drama. Moreover, emotions were attributed more directly to the music than the written word, convincing the audience of the power and the depth. The Violet is proving the most honest and generous. It is always aware of the situation, even when delivered to the love of Alfredo. It addresses the disease with courage, generosity is the money - the selling of possessions to live with the favorite in the countryside - and a sense of duty. It is also an excellent hostess and hosts the best dances. Realism dominates the opera music of the First and Second Act, which is enriched with the waltz, dancing in lounges, which dominated the second half of the 19th century. The Violet has all the virtues and values that civil society recognizes its members - and a good husband. The society did not forgive the sinner of life and
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Traviata opera by verdi

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