Optical illusions

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Optical illusions images

Optical illusions images are not what you see, but what you see is nat reallity...

Optical illusions images
3D Effect  3D Effect is a three dimansional illusion
9 People finder illusion Find the hidden 9 people in the picture
Are the purple lines straight or do they bend?  Are the purple lines straight or do they bend is an illusion to discover
Black dot illusion The black dot illusion
Color illusions Look at the chart above and say the COLOR of the word, not the word itself.
Count the black dots...  Count the black dots is a confusing illusion that will drive you crazy
Faces illusion 
Horizontal lines parallel Are the horizontal lines parallel or do they slope?
How many horses illusion This horses are hidden in the snow.
Is it moving and shimmering?  Is it moving and shimmering?
Is this a spiral This is not a spiral
Light bulb illusion Light bulb illusion
Math Illusion 2=1 Math Illusion 2=1 is it?
pink color illusion How many colors do you see? There are only three
The F Illusion The F Illusion
The greens colors are the same Illution on greens are the same, the look different but are the same
The Neverending Stairs is imposible The Neverending Stairs is a 3d illusion
The Red, White, and Blue. The Red, White, and Blue.
The Skin-Crawling Spiral The Skin-Crawling Spiral
What is this illusion Is it a duck or a bunny, thats the question discover both
Which soldier is taller? The famous illusion of the taller soldier
Illusion images
Optical illusions images

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