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The history of the old days olympic games is really intresting

Dedicated to Zeus, was the first Olympic Games held in Olympia in 776 BC and lasted four days. Since matches telountan every four full years, that was pentetirikoi. The gap from the end of games until the beginning of the next, called Olympias, a term used to refer to themselves and their struggles. When approaching the time for conducting the competitions spondoforoi, who held olive branches, dialalousan message of the Olympic Truce (originally the Sacred Truce was a month later and reached three) in Greece, meant to stop hostilities and ban enforcement the death penalty. It is worth noting that in 1200 years lasting matches institution violations were minimal and insignificant. This just shows that one institution was powerful and fully respected by all. The organization and supervision of the games was responsible ellanodikes. Originally the institution was hereditary and life, but later the election was by lot among all Eleia Citizens. Elected for an Olympics and the training lasted ten months. Besides the organization of competitions and their work was the prizes. Could even impose sanctions or to exclude athletes. Participation was all Greek citizens who had not committed murder or sacrilege. The participation to the barbarians and slaves. On days of matches deny women only priestess of the goddess Demeter, Chamynis could monitor sitting on the altar of the goddess. The punishment of women who would disregard the prohibition law was death by precipitation from Typaio term. Athletes in ancient fought for the glory after only prize was a wreath of wild olive tree from the sanctuary of Olympia. But incalculable importance was the moral victory. The Olympic champion when returning to the city enjoyed great prices. Demolished a part of the city walls, where the city that gave birth to the Olympic did not need walls, and the new entry brought the winner. In other cities bear the names of their columns, the statue sculptors filotechnousan and even worshiped as heroes after their death. But the biggest price for a Champion was the right to erect a statue of the Sacred Alti. The institution of the Olympic Games lasted 12 centuries of continuous and abolished in 393 AD, when the decree of Theodosios I banned the operation of all pagan shrines. With the institution of the Olympic Games forged a national, racial and spiritual unity of the Greeks. The Olympic Games combines the highest degree of cultivation of body, mind and soul while contributing to the awakening of the manners, customs, culture and ideals.
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