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Cypress Cupressus sempervirens

Cupressus sempervirens



Chron. Name: Cupressus sempervirens

Family: Cupressaceae

Origin: Mediterranean

Description: Evergreen tree, up to 15 m and width up to 3,5 m. The shape of the crown is conical pyramidal, compact, with dense and vigorous vegetation. The branches, depending on the variety, developed by orthoklada plagioklada. The leaves are dark green needles lepidoeideis hue, contrast, very dense layout, fragrant. The growth of the tree can be described as rather slow, with the exception cupressus arizonica (cypress glaucescence) with blue-green foliage and cupressus macrocarpa (cypress Krestas Gold) with bright light green foliage marked with a median growth rate of the first and second fast pace .

Flowering: Flowers small, unisexual, without much decorative value. Males are most in form of cylindrical or oval July and the females to form oval July. It flowers from January to April, having long flowering. The fruit is woody, spherical, grizoprasinos, shiny, reaches the size of a walnut and matures in the next bloom time.

Multiplication: multiply mainly with seed in March and transplants rarely shoots. The young seedlings transplanted easily at any time provided that non-cutting portion of the root system.

Requirements: No special requirements concerning soil, withstand drought in strong winds, in calcareous soils, high temperatures, near the sea and atmospheric pollution. It is not very resistant to very cold, with the exception cupressus macrocarpa (cypress Gold Krestas).

Decorative value: due to its normal shape and rich sturdy foliage.

Usefulness: It is a plant suitable for windbreaks, noise damping, for regional demarcation sites, tree lined and to create a compact and robust high fence kladefomeno a corresponding amount. Planted in public spaces, parks, cemeteries, monasteries, and gardens in clusters, individually or in series.

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