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Cynodon dactylon

Cynodon dactylon


Chron. Name: Cynodon dactylon

Family: Gramineae

Origin: Mediterranean

Description: perennial grasses weed. It is widespread throughout Greece and found the spring crop fields, vegetables, orchards, vineyards, and in uncultivated areas. It prefers warm and humid climates (plant of tropical and subtropical zone). It is very drought resistant and grows both in sandy and loamy soils. He named the likeness of the rhizomes with the teeth of the dog (white and sharp). It grows in the spring. The young plant is sturdy and adelfonei quickly. It grows in spring and summer. Distinguished by strong lateral initial development, followed then by the vertical. The stem crawls on the ground and the knees can also rizovolaei. The leaves are nearby., Thin, rough, gray-green. Not withstanding the cold, winter aerial parts dried. Not stand in the shade. Highly resistant to touch.

Flowering: The inflorescence consists of thin ears (inflorescence shaped fingers) and blooms during June-October.

Propagation: sown in late spring. In the case of sod 10-15 gr/m2 enough. Also easy to multiply by vegetative means (rhizomes, tufts, milling and dispersion, etc.)

Requirements: No special requirements on the ground. Not stand in the shade looking very sunny, but there is great resistance to touch and drought. Is highly resistant to saline soils the water from wells with high conductivity. When used in mixtures usually there the other grasses during the hot season.

Decorative value: due to the ability to quickly seamless and durable soil cover.

Usefulness: Is plant if the encounter in the field call it weed (very hard to fight) in the garden but we call grass and sow in our desire. Used in mixtures and the turf itself. When used in a mixture there of other psychrophilic species of the mixture over the warm season. Particularly useful in lawns that receive harsh conditions, such as parks and coastal areas.

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