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Carmen opera

carmen opera is great, passionate love. Love beyond rationality, love of our soul, digging in the interior ourselves, cultivate the soil of our imagination, obtain the sensitivity of our uproot the doubt us, our data.

Carmen opera is Love envious, elusive love, the love of Carmen and Don Jose in the opera Carmen in Bizet. Indeed the most difficult, most exidanikeftiko love it more purely cosmetic in our humble existence since man overflies alafrainei the substance of the commitments of the lapse, the rigidities of the round circles that are embracing the beloved and mitigate the harshness values; Don Jose drifting from the fascination of Carmen, the sensual, the sinner, of designing and provocative and liberal morality, on the facts of the era, Gypsies. The latter is the symbol of seduction, the sinner charm and perversion. It is unreliable, unfaithful, America itself is charming and the Don Jose. Quirky live lives outside any framework of rules, cultural and ethical and fair to drag Don Jose in a world of unethical, apiasto, irregular, without social patterns and moral structure. Shortly before their first meeting, followed by Carmen and the young mind, to please her play, flirt and then one sings the famous composition of the opera L amour est un oiseau rebelle( Love is a crazy bird). love, crazy bird Not the one imerepse, And I invite you unfairly, If the suits to refuse. Vain pleading or threatening, One speaks, the other is silent. But I prefer someone else, I like it and not let me speak. Love, love ... Love, Roma St, Law has not ever Not with love, but in love And if you love to be stored. Like the bird who got detention, But this gorgoftero, flies, Love goes, the wait, No longer hope, you are here. It comes and goes quickly, He flies around you and turns. You, the public, but your slips, He escaped, but to keep. The alafiasma love. The unspeakable. The aschimatisto, the undocumented, the indescribable, the ineffable. The continuous and everlasting search of another, but the opposite leads to the balance of the missing half to become whole (according to the theory of Plato in the Symposium). But the nebula, the error, the illusion. How prose shows the commitment, the emotional consequence, the faith of love in front of the peak, the intensity and arrogance of love! All the rest seem so powerless opposition. For a while. The prosaicism of everyday life, the adjustment of the mackerel, the diversity of carmen opera. Don Jose can not understand the lifestyle of Carmen. And love. [It is very strange ... it's like to be the standard response of the human face of the unknown and incomprehensible. Whatever does not understand or love or reject the exovelizei, not the streamlines, however, in any case]. The nomadic life of refugees, the ongoing turbulence in the life of the Roma is something that can not be easily used by Don Jose. Together with them, can not be used to erotic toys Carmen, the unstoppable trend to flirting, to demonstrate the eroticism, to have other fans. Love, the eroticism and death, the three basic components of the project. In conclusion of this more Spanish French opera repertoire, Iberian in atmosphere, in a bullfights, Carmen would renounce the Don Jose, will fly in the face of the ring that once had a gift. And then, the favorite would be victim, the lover would be killer. Don Jose his favorite knife in the heart while the crowd celebrates his victory Eskamigio (admirer of Carmen and «competitor» of Don Jose) who kills the bull. The music manages to match the inappropriate, love, death and celebration. Inappropriate, however, elements of life that brings us to the rule of omoiostasis (if I correctly!), The balance of the world. One end of the hard, brutal, but a fair end. Ultimately, love involves the possessiveness, love is envious? Love is madding and want to «dissolve» whatever it can to capture and control, wants to fragment, in any way, what it can to prepare and prioritize . So it is short lived. Difficult to withstand the brunt of it. So it is & century of memory. Difficult to viothei & syrroin and in epanalipsin. Very good lyric and was described by Oscar Wilde this areimania need love to break and wrinkle the subject of love in the ballad of Rintigk prison. Yet each man kills the think he loves, Vy each let this be heard, Some do it with a bitter look, Some with a flattering word. The coward does it with a kiss, The brace man with a sword! (But everyone kills what love And everyone should know all this: How else to kill cajoler words, Another venomous glance with scalpel, A coward with a kiss that makes practice And the brave with a sword in hand!
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