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Callistemon citrinus

Callistemon citrinus


Chron. Name: Callistemon citrinus

Family: Myrtaceae

Origin: Tasmania, Australia

Description: loving, evergreen shrub to small tree, upright growth with long shoots xilopoiimenous. The height of the plant are 1,5-3 m. Leaves oblong, lanceolate, dark green, hard in texture.

Flowering: many colorful flowers and place it in full cylindrical inflorescence, with prominent red stamens that give the plant a very striking appearance. The shape of the inflorescence resembles boukalovourtsa bottle brush, hence its common name in his home bottlebrush. The rich flowering lasts throughout the warm season, from early spring until late autumn.

Multiplication: multiply by cuttings and seed.

Requirements: No special requirements on the ground, except for highly calcareous soils. It is sensitive to cold and prefers sunny sheltered positions. Watering properly. If grown in pots and to reduce the volume of the plant subjected to a pruning of healthy and robust branches to half their length and their patients in the 2 / 3 of these.

Decorative value: The rich and long flowering, shape and bright flower color, fast growth and tough foliage.

Usefulness: Used in gardens, parks, walkways, and in pots and window boxes on the balcony. Solo intermediate of grass and stands alone or with other shrubs. It is the plant's ornamental value is due both to the reddish color of stems and foliage and flowers in lefkorodina. Use it in gardening in pots, window boxes, garden in clusters with other perennials corresponding growth in the series. Particular attention is given not to be planted in front of larger plants orthokladis development.

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