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Bignonia unguis-cati

Bignonia unguis-cati

bignonia_unguis cati

Chron. Name: Bignonia unguis-cati

Family: Bignoniaceae

Origin: Argentina

Description: an evergreen climbing plant with fast growth. Height reaching up to 20-25 m. Leaves compound, consisting of 2 narrow leaflets oval form oxylikta. The shoots are supple, elongated, bearing triple helices having the form of cat nail (hence the name of the plant) by means of which climb the walls.

Flowering: Flowers large with pentalovi tubular base and broad tip, length 4-5 cm, colored bright yellow. It flowers in May. Fruit Seed pod type flying wing transparent.

Multiplication: multiply by imixilopoiimena cuttings and seed.

Requirements: No special requirements concerning soil, but prefers sheltered positions from strong winds. The old stems and branches are weak or those with dry, it's good to be removed after flowering.

Decorative value: The rapid growth, rich flowering, easy and unsupported climbing even smooth walls and evergreen nature of the plant.

Usefulness: Used for covering walls, trellises, fences and poles in the logs.

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