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Albizzia julibrissim

Albizzia julibrissim


Chron. Name: Albizzia julibrissim

Family: Leguminosae

Origin: Japan, Persia, Far East, Australia

Description: Deciduous tree with fast growth. Plant height 6-9 m with sparse foliage, of particular ornamental value, developed late spring. Count ompreloeidous settings. Leaves dark green in rotation complexity, 10-20 in number, consisting of 30-50 small, oblong leaflets, pinnate form. The length of the leaf reaches 15-25 cm, while the length of each leaflet is 6-12 mm. The leaflets fold up at night.

Flowering: Rich and long blooming from June to August. Lefkorodina flowers with light fragrance Panicle inflorescence. Fruit flattened, oblong, 15-25 cm long and 2-3 cm wide.

Multiplication: multiply by seed and by grafting common acacia trees. The seeds are very tough and must be soaked in warm water for 12 hours before planting.

Requirements: No special requirements on the ground. Xirothermikes resists well to conditions in the cold, strong winds, high salinity and soil PH. It is susceptible to vascular disease caused by the fungus fusarium. It prefers sunny spots, but can grow in partially shaded.

Decorative value: The rich foliage and also rich and long flowering make it highly popular plant in the gardening. Also great value is the diakosmitiki silky and gossamer appearance of the flower.

Usefulness: It is very common plant diversity because of its use. Suitable for tree-lined parks, gardens, monuments, archeological sites within the individual lawns. Suitable for coastal planting and offer shade garden items. Combined with many other trees or shrubs, offering spectacular sets.

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