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Abies alba

Abies alba is very popular around the word

Fir (Abies)

Abies alba

Chron. Name: Abies alba

Family: Pinaceae

Origin: Europe, North America, North Asia, North Africa, Taiwan

Description: Hardy evergreen tree with a pyramidal shape, height above 30 m and slow growth. The branches grow almost vertically in the trunk. The crown of the plant is dense and compact. Its leaves are compound and consist of needle-like, oblong leaflets, about 2,5 cm long and dark green color.

Flowering: The flowers are in separate genetic package, visible in males and females. The male flowers are catkin yellow, while females evolve very ornamental fruits (cones), which grow upright on the branches, with shades ochroprasines, brown or red. It flowers in spring.

Multiplication: multiply by seed in spring.

Requirements: You develop a well-drained, deep soils. Resistant to cold, which most often is necessary for normal development, also seeking high soil and atmospheric moisture. It prefers slightly acidic soils.

Decorative value: The beautiful shape, the diakosmitikoi cones forming the compact size and appearance are the characteristics diakosmitiki hand him a great value. Finally it should be emphasized and used as Christmas tree. Special diakosmitiki have value and variety with blue foliage, like the dwarf varieties.

Usefulness: Plant only of the cluster. It is very beautiful inside the lawns. Combined with other dwarf conifers in rock gardens (dwarf varieties). Rarely use it for trees, especially in mountainous areas. Dominates so impressive in the center square, park, etc., and near entrances of large buildings.

Varieties: A. alba (Silver) & var. pyramidalis

A. amabilis (Cascade)

A. balsamea (common Balsam)

A. cilicica; A. cephalonica (Greek) & var. Meyer's Dwarf

A. concolor (White or Colorado) & var. Candicans, Compacta, Violacea

A. Fargesii; A. Forrestii;

A. Fraseri (Southern Balsam)

A. grandis (Giant)

A. homolepis (Nikko - very dark green leaves, silvery beneath)

A. koreana (Korean - sm., dark green leaves, silver beneath & purple cones w / white bracts) & var. Silberlocke; A. recurvata; A. squamata (bluish-green leaves w / white bands beneath & purplish-brown, flaky bark); A. procera;

A. nobilis (Noble)

A. Nordmanniana (Caucasian) & var. Golden Spreader;

A. Pinsapo (Spanish) & var. glauca

A. spectabilis.

A. Vietchii (glistening, dark green leaves, silvery beneath);

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