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Chron. Name: Abelia x grandiflora

Family: Caprifoliaceae

Origin: China, Japan, Mexico

Description: Shrub imiaeithalis totaling 1-1,5 m, but in very cold climates, losing part of the foliage. Makes big industry, because of their length, usually tilted downwards. The leaves are shiny dark green, small in size, lanceolate form. Depending on the time of year, however, change color, starting with a reddish color in the spring, turned to dark green in summer, and reach a shade of brown in autumn.

Flowering: Flowers small, funnel shape is tubular, white, combined with pink shades, length 2 cm. Fully developed in small clusters of new shoots, creating beautiful bouquets. It flowers almost all summer, until autumn (June to October).

Propagation: by cuttings multiply length about 10 cm, taken from imixylopoiimenous shoots this year in July or August. Stratification of the cuttings in sand river and keeping them in enclosed controlled temperature and humidity for 4 to 5 weeks, encourages the development of rooting of cuttings.

Requirements: No special requirements concerning soil, but prefers sheltered positions from strong winds. It can be deployed in imiskiera points, but prefers sunny. The old stems that have bloomed, and weak branches or those who are dry during the winter should be removed.

Decorative value: The red color of the stems, changing foliage colors (red, dark green, bronze) and the rich flowering of the warm season.

Usefulness: Is the plant's ornamental value is due both to the reddish color of stems and foliage and flowers in lefkorodina. Use it in gardening in pots, window boxes, garden in clusters with other perennials corresponding growth in the series. Particular attention is given not to be planted in front of larger plants orthokladis development.

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